About Us

Lark Perfumery draws on the ancient practice of solid perfume, where fragrance is concentrated in a balm.  We specialise in the creation of 100% natural perfumes - no synthetic ingredients or premade blends.
Our boutique collection of eight distinct fragrances has been created exclusively for us by renowned Australian Scentsmith Ainslie Walker.  Ainslie scours the globe sourcing rare and precious natural botanicals that make our perfumes truly one of a kind.
Our collection is inspired by the simple beauty in everyday moments.  We take the experiences that living in Australia gives us - a beach retreat, walking through the bush, sitting under the stars, a shady verandah on a hot day.  Perhaps you are transported to a summer party or cosying by the fire?
Think of our perfumes as you would a lipstick - keep one in your bag and reapply throughout your day.  Gently dab the balm on your skin for a soft perfume or glide with abandon to amp up the fragrance.  Either way Lark will enhance your personal space in a way that is intimate and distinct.
When meeting a Lark perfume for the first time, pause and allow the fragrance to reveal it's many layers to you.  Wear it on traditional pulse points or anywhere on your skin.  Our precious ingredients will interact with your skin resulting in a perfume that is truly your own to experience.