Our Story

Fragrance inspired by everyday Australian moments....

The Story of Lark Perfumery

Lark Perfumery originated to nurture our love for natural beauty and has blossomed into an invitation to explore the emotions and memories that fragrance evokes. Specialising in the ancient practice of infusing precious botanicals with natural bases such as shea butter, we have created natural perfumes inspired by everyday Australian experiences. 

In close collaboration with renowned Australian Scentsmith Ainslie Walker, we have mindfully blended a boutique collection of eight distinct fragrances. Using traditional fine fragrance techniques with essential oils, natural isolates and resins, our perfumes boast personalities as unique as the wearer. 

Ainslie mirrors our values for connecting with the environment, journeying the globe to unearth unique scent compositions which celebrate what it means to delight in life and create memories with loved ones. These integrous blends are hand-poured locally, using the finest 100% natural fragrances and remain free from synthetics and harmful additives. 

Our scents bring to life the unique Australian experience, evoking warmth, a sense of community, appreciation of nature and the essence of coming home to oneself. As you explore our collections, we invite you to layer fragrances and allow them to transport you to familiar embraces, fleeting moments with loved ones and all of the microscent moments in between. 

The Lark Solid Perfume Experience

Each and every Lark perfume is an indulgent experience. Drawing you in tenderly, it invites you to explore and relish in its many layers. Gently glide the perfume across traditional pulse points and feel the soft shea butter and natural fragrance melt into your skin. The precious botanicals will meld and mingle to create a unique sensory experience. 

Compact in nature and beautifully packaged, our natural solid perfumes are designed to be carried everywhere, always on hand to enhance life’s little luxuries. Breathe in notes of summertime abandon, sweet winter mornings and lazy autumn afternoons: the Lark Experience is intimately your own.