What is the benefit of using natural Perfume vs synthetic?
No harmful chemicals which can disrupt endocrine systems or cause irritation. Once you use natural you will never go back.

What are the benefits of a solid balm over a liquid perfume?
Solid perfume is subtle to apply, mess free and highly portable. Those with allergies can find a balm less irritating to the nose than a liquid perfume.

How much do I need to use?
Just one swipe on pulse points is all you need.

How long will solid perfume last on the skin?
Solid perfume is subtle to apply it won’t overpower those around you. The scent then slowly reveals itself to you as it warms on the skin.

How long will the tube last?
With daily use it should last around 2-3 months depending on how much you swipe. Unopened your tube will last 12 months at room temperature and away from direct sunlight.

How do I make a Lark fragrance my everyday scent?
Apply our All Natural Perfume spray or Body Oil first thing and then top up as needed through the day or night with the balm to smell amazing all the time. Lark is also perfect to wear to bed.

Are Lark products vegan?
All of our products are vegan except our solid balm which contains a small amount of beeswax to prevent it melting in summer.

Does Lark test on animals?

How do I become a stockist?
Email lisa@larkperfumery for details on how to stock Lark.